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Patch Notes 1.13

StormHunters Patch 1.13 Uploaded on August 14th, 2008
scan/scout actually work in combat now. Credit: Crystalis
Connecting items will take piece quality into account (at last) Rare products will still MIN at 15.
Unlock/open will now check doors before items. Credit: Rev
Offline banish now escorts target from clan hall. Credit: Hellfire
Level 120+ mobs can now equip realm/legend/dbl_legend gear. Credit: Necrolis
Antimagic mobs now have max saves.
Prename will now update the clanlist
Coins no longer have weight or count as an item. Thus, you should always be able to pick them up, even at max weight/capacity. Credit: Kline
Danger flag automatically set for new players.
Clutches will no longer function if you are flagged for combat.
Fixed a builder bug with heal crit.
Questmaster room is now SAFE.
Craft recipe <#> will now display additional information about an item.
All high-end recipe ingredients have been equalized across professions.
Fixed a bug with pill/potion timers.
HP_mods in CF, PoS and Gargoyle recall have been fixed. Let me know of others.
Withering shadow and mana drain have been tamed when used out of combat.
Trash items will no longer drop from mobs who drop other tradegood items.
High-end crafted potions and pills will persist through death. Expand mind and vigor (Imm cast spells) will also persist through death.
Expand mind has had its duration increased significantly.
Tradegoods will rarely drop from mobs on the Island of the Uninitiated.
Lore will now tell you if a mob is too low level to drop tradegoods.
"tradegood" added as keyword to all goods. Tradegoods are now automatically looted like gold. Credit: Ziggy.
Useless Currency has now been added as an ingredient for a jeweler recipe. Smooth Stone is now worth a bit of gold.
Heal over time effects from arcanist staves will now work in safe rooms.
MQuest profession reward quality should now match up with your professions needs.
Arcanist wands/staves reviewed. A few buffs/nerfs here and there. All wands have 8 charges, all staves have 6 charges.
Lorekeeper scrolls reviewed. All of them have been buffed, and the Scroll of Creeping Moss no longer uses a rare ingredient.
Hunter pills reviewed. Material costs reduced, no more rare ingredients. Duration boosted to 80 rounds.
Apothecary potions reviewed. Material costs reduced, no more usage of yellow ingredients. Need to figure out an idea to fill placeholder item.
Fixed a bug with recall. Credit: Assault
XP rates for realm mobs increased substantially. This is a band-aid fix, since I think the problem is simply that mquests will scale with your level (particularly double realm) whereas grinding will not.
All crafted items using rare tradegoods are now flagged rare.
Fixed a bug in craft item. You can no longer reach a plevel equivalent to your pseudolevel (e.g. 40 plevel at level 40). Credit: Crystalis
Mquest rewards reworked a bit. Gold rewards have been reduced significantly, since all other sources of gold have been reduced. Exp and QP rewards will now be based on the estimated difficult of the assigned quest. This has nothing to do with areas assigned, but rather the number of tasks, and amount of items/kills per task. Note that lengthy quests (say, 5 tasks, 20+ kills) will now give LARGER rewards than were obtainable before. But a task to get a single item or kill a single mob will have much lower rewards.
Upcoming profession changes... Lorekeeper getting some healing gear, 2-hander stats being buffed, 1-hander stats being reduced, level 100 items having unique stats, clothier/jeweler/arcanist stat review. Advance warning: The floating nearby slot will be removed soon. So if you had plans based around it (for whatever reason), cancel them

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