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Patch Notes 1.14

StormHunters v1.14 Tentative Changes
Scroll of Arctic Blast mats reduced to match other scrolls. Credit: Mograth
Soul link / cremate are no longer dispellable. Credit: Mograth
Fixed a string error in bank deposit Credit: Crystalis & Zaphod
Warmaster recipes re-arranged to distribute types better. Lacquered Plate <-> Swiftblade, Metallic Charm <-> Engraved Axe. Credit: Furio
Itemupdater now updates item levels (non-claneq). There may be some bugginess because this is a fix for an older glitch. Re-adapt your equipment as needed.
Patches and plates will be coloured according to quality. Credit: Mograth
Noquest on crusade TARGETS fixed. Credit: Necrolis
Shiny stones are now insta-money. Whiners.
Piece quality: products will now take the better of the two formulae (range between piece quality AND random quality generation).
Combat timer should now reset when you kill charmies. Credit: Philadelphia
Jeweler rune changed to grant ALL crit types instead of hit/meleecrit
Midgaard recall is back! "recall race" to go to your racial recall.
Mobs will be able to wear their equipment again, and will donate things they can't use.
Craft info display bug fixed. Credit: Furio
Word of recall will check NO_RECALL/curse before attempting to recall. Credit: Furio
Residual healing can no longer crit.
'Just keep it all' spam message has been removed.
Loreekeper equipment now has spelldam and healing distributed better.
Luminous Rod and Earthshaker have been swapped in the recipe list.
Arcanists will no longer craft any melee equipment, since they are a spellcaster profession. Balance of spelldam and healing has been changed.
Theglegg the Unthinking will no longer be summoned through the mob spell 'gate'. Also, sentinel mobs can no longer be summoned through that spec_fun. Credit: Crystalis
Clothier healing/spelldam distribution has been changed.
Warmaster 1H vs 2H stats have been changed. 1H was nerfed, 2H was buffed. Mostly in the +meleedam affect.
Death will reset your combat timer. Also, the Morgue now has no exits. Credit: Frankentroll
Pray now follows practice in the command table, rather than preceding it.
Armoursmith and Warmaster pLevel 100 gear is now updated.
The object revision code is now in. Let me know of ANY inconsistencies you find ASAP. This code will serve to reduce the lag we have on login while still allowing us to update items in playerfiles (using the "revise" command in the builder)
SCOREBOARD: Mograth: 3 Furio: 3 Crystalis: 1.5 Zaphod: 0.5 Hellfire et al.: 2 Frankentroll: 1 Next patch: Account system! Jeweler equipment tinkering, and making refine able to create green items. Also... the first of the newbie friendly changes.

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