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Patch Notes 1.2

StormHunters v.1.2 Patch Notes
Account systems are now active. Helpfiles to come. To have it just like you used to login, create an account/password, use "a" to add your old characters, then "l" to login by name.
Mob and Object unique ID code ported to mport. This'll be useful for coders.
MXP and Clan Symbols... fixed in who and clist
Mortal mobs will now be able to wear their equipment again.
Wands and staves will now persist at 0 charges so they can be recharged.
Profession passive can no longer be dispelled.
Shiny stones are now "Sack of coins" that get looted automatically.
All players can now hold 500 weight, regardless of their strength. If you need a logical reason for it, ask yourself this: Why does the mage carry his backpack around when he can just cast fly on it?

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