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If you can't log in your character...

... you probably need to make your account! We've recently switched over to an MMO-style account system. To create your account, enter your desired name when you connect to the MUD (where you used to put in your character name). This account name is PRIVATE and is not known to anyone but Immortals. In order to maximize your security, you may want to make it different from your character names. Choose the password you would like to use to access ALL your characters. Adding old characters: From the menu, enter "a". Enter the name of the character you want to add to the account. Enter the password that you used to use to access that character. Congratulations, you've added an old character! If there is a slot available, the new character will be put into your favourites list. Adding new characters: From the menu, enter "a". Enter the name of the new character you would like to create. Enjoy! The remainder of the functions are fairly self-explanatory. To change up favourites, type C. To change your account password, type P. To view all your account characters and gold/qp stores, type F. To quit from the account menu, type Q. Quitting in-game has also changed. "Quit" will now be akin to "logout", and will return you to the account screen. "Quit full" will be the old quit, skipping the account screen. Why would I want to add all my characters to one account? This gives you the following:
One-password login to all your characters
Number-based login for your favourite five characters
Shared QP Bank, Gold Bank and Item Bank (50 items)
Shared tradegood satchel.
Also, we would prefer if everyone registered under one account as it makes things easier to enforce. We WILL be doling out punishments for people who are abusing the account system to multi-play/log. Please post in the forums if you encounter any problems.

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