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Patch Notes 1.21

StormHunters v1.21 Patch Notes
Colour will no longer be turned on automatically when you log in a character. Credit: Aroth
Refine rare can now be used, and will check your satchel for 80 copies of the high quality good type.
Jewelers have received 10 new recipes to replace their old "make greens" recipes. Thanks go to Rev for the item names.
A couple of newlines added to mquest info.. Kline finally saw it. Credit: Me, not Kline!
Jeweler stats updated. Not sure I like them yet, but they're a bit more specialized.
Bunch of mobs got stay_Area flags. Mostly in Midgaard.
Minimum level for profession drops decreased. Gnomes should drop stuff again.
Clist formatting fixed.
Staff of Relentless Assault will now take away hitpoints instead of healing you.
Some other minor fixes I don't recall.

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