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Patch Notes 1.3

StormHunters v1.3 Patch Notes
GATHERING is live!
Check craft info to see your gathering levels. We're working on making a new display for this so you don't NEED to have a profession.
Goes from level 1 - 100. If a node is FRESH, it will give you a level in that skill.
Commands are "extract", "mine", "fish", "farm".
Four tiers: grey (low), yellow (medium), purple (high), green (rare chance of spawn from a purple node).
TOMES are live!
Library added 2w1n of Midgaard Recall.
Scrollcases have a chance to spawn from killing enemies, mquests or gathering nodes (just like green ingredients)
Buy a binding from the keeper of the library, and connect pages to it. Once it's complete, give it to the appropriate profession master. Your first tome will always be #1. After that, you'll get a random one from the rest (2->5)
You need to give the tome AND have 150 quest points on you to obtain a tome.
Level restriction removed from account bank.
Report any bugs you find.

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