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Patch Notes 1.32

MXP fixes and additions:
UID fix: some old items had UIDs improperly set. Hopefully this fix will be flawless... *Support for interacting with characters has been added! For now: look, con and kill. *Boards can now be looked at and read through the magic of mouseclick! *Clan symbols on who won't be bollocksed! *As usual, I added little codey bits that make expanding this easier to expand. Sadly, you see no benefit from this, but it took me a while, so it's important enough to note!
Feel free to add MXP requests! I may be an MXP noob, but I've got a bit of free time right now with which to explore/add this stuff. If you don't know what MXP can do, that's okay! Feel free to meander. Edit: [link=]Here's[/link] a link suggesting some zMUD uses for MXP, user-style. The #SUB thing in particular is pretty spiff.

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