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Patch Notes 1.35

StormHunters v1.3.5 Patch Notes

  • If you scavenge useless currency, you'll actually get it now. Credit: Philly
  • Bags of coins and other "money" items will now echo you getting them. Credit: Philly
  • Assassinate and Drain should now be fully functional.
  • The 'hovering nearby' slot has been removed. If you enchanted a staff for use in the slot and want a refund, let me know.
  • IMC2 will be active next reboot. I expect we'll crash on the first reboot (it doesn't hook in right, initially). After that, imchelp will be all you need.
  • Tomegivers have changed. Those NOT of your profession will give you a random tome (1-5). The tomegiver who matches your profession will give you Tome I FIRST, then a random tome YOU NEED between II and V. If you have all five tomes from the giver, you'll receive a random one.
  • Mark of Excellence is now functioning correctly.
  • Deaden will now function correctly.
  • Apothecary special recipes have been moved around. Recipe #1 is now recipe #4, and recipe #4 is now recipe #1. The new recipe will be to produce a cap that allows you to occasionally duplicate or triplicate potions when crafting them.
  • Nomob, legend and dbl_legend door flags have been added for lazy builders (legend/dbl_legend) and those who want more control over mobs (nomob).
  • Lifestealing and Mindstealing (stock ones) have been removed. You will receive quality, QP and gold if you had enchanted these runes into a weapon. Old ls/ms runes are now worth qps and practices.
    Update: Hydra Mobprogs are coming along. I aim to finish the Earth mobs and the miscellaneous ones tonight... bossprogs will be done over the coming week if I have the time. Then just some adding of new equipment (melee dps and melee tank are being split up) and restatting, and it'll be ready to go. ETA: Friday or Saturday.
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