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Patch Notes 1.36

StormHunters v1.3.6 Patch Notes
IMC Fixes:

  • Adding old characters no longer crashes the mud.
  • Creating new characters no longer crashes the mud.
  • You will not see a 'Huh?' message whenever speaking on IMC.
  • Permissions for commands should now be correct.
  • Few people seem to know what IMC is. Type 'imc' to see a listing of the commands. The helpfiles are fairly complete, to my knowledge.
  • Death:
  • Dying will now give you a debuff called death penalty, which has an shelp. Stacks up to 4 (instant kill / no damage dealt).
  • New cleric spell: resurrection. Transports a player to their corpse, and gives them 1 hp/mana/move. Gives them 20% of the exp lost FROM THAT DEATH.
  • New monk spell: reanimate. Same as resurrection, but gives 25% of hp/mana and 100% of moves.
  • New deity spell: reincarnate. Same as resurrection, but gives 60% of hp/mana/moves, 50% of EXP lost and can be used in combat. Can only be used once every 20 minutes. Reincarnate also removes 2 stacks of death penalty.
  • New malakim spell: raise. Same as resurrection, but gives 50% of hp, 25% of mana/moves, 50% of EXP lost and a brief boost to spell damage, melee damage and healing. Raise also removes one stack of death penalty.
  • New command: resurrection. Syntax: resurrection [accept | reject | merge]. Merge is used when you are at your corpse. Accept/reject is used to control which resurrection request you want to use.
  • You cannot summon a character who has a death penalty active.
  • Resurrecting will remove all other instances of your corpse. If you want to maximize your exp regained, find your oldest corpse!
  • Initial death penalty lasts for 90 rounds and each subsequent stack will add 30 rounds.
    Autoexits has been added to the mapper. Hitroll-helper now scales until level 50. Band-aid fix for now. That's all for this patch. Still working on the new Hydra mprogs.
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