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Patch Notes 1.37

StormHunters v1.3.7 Patch Notes * I'm aware that this patch has slowly been trickling in. Here's to hoping we'll get these memory problems fixed up. Until then, all small changes will be added to Patch 1.3.7 notes.

  • Passive damage now uses an additional 10% of your damroll
  • Chance to hit has been drastically reduced. This is the first in a series of changes that will effectively remove hitroll. Thanks to Blaen for essentially testing and providing feedback on the melee leveling experience.
  • Mapper bug has hopefully been fixed. Thanks to Blaen for reporting. Please keep me posted if this happens again... I tried to make it as memory-safe as I could
  • Quest bug (of sorts) has been fixed. It was just a problem with item pickup. Credit to Blaen. Remorts can now do any quest for their range (>80 <120) as well as realm quests. Mortals cannot do remort quests, and realms can not do remort quests.
  • PC Corpses take twice as long to disappear.
  • Bugs with bloodrage have been fixed. a) Using bloodrage when you already have a stack of it active will not make it less effective. b) Bloodrage will actually increase your stats instead of taking them away. Hooray!
  • You can no longer idle out of the game (but you can still go to limbo). If you have "anti-idle" triggers, please be considerate to others and disable them. We don't need newbies thinking we're a bunch of jerks who are ignoring them
  • Frenzy is now a proper melee AoE with no movement cost. It does a single hit up-front, then drastically reduces damage for the second and third hits. All subsequent hits are as powerful as the third hit. Your chance to hit decreases with every swing -- if you miss, you will get tripped up for a combat round or two.
  • Frenzy is now monk-only. We're continuing to make this class a bit more unique, rather than just overlap from other classes.
  • New spell added: chaos burst. Basically just a realm blast of a random realm.
    Hydra is coming along. Nearly all mobprogs completed. I need to revise the item stats (32), and change up how a norepop area repops, and we're set for testing. Legend Sanctuary has also been put off-limits, as its progs are outdated and may cause crashes.
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