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Patch 1.4

StormHunters v1.4 - "Let's actually make newbies happy" Patch Notes Newbie Changes:

  • Replacement area: StormHunters Training Grounds is now active!
  • New newbie school that can be skipped entirely or at each step, uses a variety of mobprogs to teach players about how to play the game.
  • Full set of equipment given to new players, with some customized equipment based on your primary class
  • Every class gets a starting skill. They are essentially your first skill/spell for the class
  • New skill added for thieves: puncture. Damage + small bleed DoT
  • The need to train stats has been removed.
  • Identify is now a command
  • Peek is no longer a skill -- works automatically
  • Players can now use "setpk" to change their PK status up until level 25. This cannot be done with an active combat timer.
  • 10% PK experience bonus does not kick in until level 25.
  • The healer in Midgaard has been promoted to healer/trainer.
  • The donation rooms have been moved to 1u from recall. A portal will connect the center donation room to the Island of the Uninitiated.
  • "Talk" command added. Allows a player to communicate with a mob. Talk progresses through a series of dialogue progs at the player's discretion (rather than using timers). Player can choose to hear specific messages (talk #), repeat last message (talk repeat), skip a step (skip) or restart dialogue (restart).

  • Deathmatch code has been revamped. It will now be controlled via a configure (+/-deathmatch), and only those who are interested will be transferred in. When you die, you cannot get back into the arena. There will be prizes, records, etc.

  • New deathmatch arena created. Includes portals, windows, hiding places, roomprogs, healer mobs, the whole lot.
  • New command: dmboard. dmboard alive, dmboard name, and dmboard kills for the various sorting
  • Level restriction checking has been removed in arenas.

  • Objprogs now save properly, and are functional.

  • Linkdead players can now idle out and be forced to quit.
  • Combat timers will be reset after arena fights. Credit: Philly
  • Abandoned mobs will dissolve faster. Credit: Blaen
  • 20QP fee for auctioning a nodrop item is now more visible. Credit: Blaen
  • 20QP fee for auctioning a nodrop item will now be returned if no one bids. Credit: Blaen
  • Shops will no longer RANDOMLY assign levels for objects under level 15. Seriously, stock, wtf.
  • Pick lock will no longer consider charmed creatures to be 'too close to the lock'. Credit: Ike
  • All lotus pieces are now level 120, this will increase chances of high quality lotii? Credit: Someone in Fallen, I don't remember.
  • Slist will no longer show skills as unpracticed for your second legend. Credit: Various
  • Craft info will no longer show level 101, or xp tnl at level 100. Credit: Kline
  • Worth will now properly display legend, double legend qp, and double legend xp costs. Credit: Kline
  • When you gain legend/double legend, the message will now say 350 practices. It used to say 100, and give you 350... so to keep it fair for new legends, it'll be 350 forever.
  • It is no longer possible to be both NOPK and PKOK through a glitch.
  • Roomprogs will now hide the "supermob" used to execute them if they cast spells.
  • Crafted runes/objfuns are now rare/crafted. Credit: Philly
  • Fixed a bug in object display when you have combine off. Credit: Banjankri
  • Fixed the double MOTD display. Credit: Kline

  • Account deletion will now work. You cannot delete a character while you have a player logged in. There will be NO REIMBURSEMENTS for deleted characters.

  • Character trading will now work. Cost is 150QPs. Trading will not work unless the recipient is NOT CONNECTED and you do not have a character online. I know someone is probably already thinking of duping using this Let me tell you right now... in my efforts to foolproof it against trickery, I've never managed to duplicate but I have managed to destroy the character being traded. Those bugs are worked out... but try to game the system at your own risk
  • Added help to the account menu.
  • Fixed up some spacing issues on the account menu.
    Misc. Changes:

  • Huge helpfile revamp: revamped all the realm/legend helpfiles to be accurate, added/revamped helpfiles for world, talk, auction, bid/qpbid, gold, newbie, death penalty, stats, status, recall, identify, donate, drop, give, consider, deathmatch, bury, account, compare, clutch, look, weaver_history, decay, affected, crit/critical, website/forum, autoloot, setpk, qpspend.

  • The crappiness of ACK resets should now be fixed. This means that if ONE of EIGHT mobs spawns with the item, and you kill that mob... next reset, the mob with the item will be the one who spawns. The way I implemented this may have some problems with extremely old areas that don't do 'full' repops every repop. We'll have to see how it goes. Credit: Kline for ideas!
  • Mobs will now be forced to become visible when moving. This may be temporary, but it's along the lines of what we want to do for wandering invisible mobs.
  • If you try and find a helpfile and nothing is found, it'll log the missing term so we can make sure a helpfile is created.
  • Sysdata added. Basically allows us to create obj stat templates, xp rates, wizlock, etc.
  • Profession passives revamped. See [link=]this thread [/link] for details.
  • You can no longer remove/wear armour in combat. You can, however, change your weapons, shield and bauble during combat at the cost of a couple of combat rounds of lag.
  • Regen timer added. This means that even if you kill something, you won't instantly start regenerating quickly.
  • Chance of mobs assisting has been reduced. Identical mobs won't assist automatically anymore (used to be 100%), and other mobs will have a maximum 15% of assisting every round. Credit: Kline
  • Special shops added! These shops use the same commands as regular shops, but can sell items for quest points OR other items. For example, selling you a ripped page for 200 tradegoods.
  • Areas can now be flagged to fully purge mobiles and objects on repop. Mainly used for resetting encounters like Hydra
  • Pfiles will now be automatically backed up every 12 hours. The MUD will be backed up every week. Crash logs will be emailed to the Imms. Hooray!
  • Negative effects have been removed from lunge and quarter. Damage has been reduced about 10-15% to accommodate this change. Blitz debuff now lasts for 15 seconds instead of 10, and can only be used until -10 speed. However, there is a chance for the -speed to not be applied.
  • Buffs that YOU have cast on yourself will now have their durations refreshed if you cast them again. This may be expanded later for offensive spells and buffs cast by others.
  • QPspend corpse has been removed.
  • Builders will now be able to use the setarea command to change their repop messages, area names, etc. Only permissions and vnum setting are restricted to imps.
  • Enter is now a valid command in the builder, which will force redit to update the current vnum. Credit: Banjankri
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