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Patch 1.41

StormHunters patch notes v1.41 * Basically bugfixes. Still open to suggestions.

  • Initial class skills/spells are now being assigned properly. Thanks to the newbie who pointed this out, I'm sorry I missed your name.
  • Tear bug has been fixed. Crystalis gets credit for being the one who managed to tell me about it while I was willing to fix it. Partial credit to the people who reported it before
  • Bug with high-end crafting has been fixed. Items now being consumed as they should be.
  • You can now identify equipped items using "identify [equipped]". Credit: Verian
  • Your combat timer will now be cleared if someone in your group kills something with your present. Credit: Crystalis
  • Crusade rewards for people at level 80 double remort will no longer be reduced by 1000x. Credit: Crystalis
  • Backup script is now functional.
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