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Patch 1.43

StormHunters patch notes v1.43 Changes:

  • Histories are now active. To view the history for a given channel, just type the name of the channel. Instead of saying "MUSIC what?", it will now display the history. Much thanks to Kline's ACKFUSS project for this
  • Helpfile synonyms are live. I'll be adding these in at some point... basically just setting up absolute synonyms. "SHD" will find Living Shadow just as "Living" would.
  • Bugfixes:
  • Fixed a bug with infuse and enchanting. Thanks to Kailyna.
  • Fixed some score alignment problems. Thanks to Zaphod
  • The noburn bug is gone. Hope you enjoyed your fun while it lasted
  • Fixed a bug with teleport, thanks to Venue. It now properly tells the person being teleported what's going on.
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