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Patch 1.45

StormHunters v1.45 Patch Notes

  • Keyrings are now account-wide. Cost remains at 10 copies + 50 quest points.
  • Keys that have limited uses cannot be added to your keyring.
  • Minor mquest bug fixed. If you log out with a completed quest, it'll still be flagged as completed when you return (you don't have to kill 1 more mob to get it register)
  • Craft withdraw & store "all" are now limited to 50. You can specify this with "max" or "all" (I left all because some are probably used to it). This was done to prevent a couple of crashes that have occurred due to excessive tradegoods (150+). I chose 50 as an arbitrary number... shouldn't be too inconvenient
  • Mind alter has been updated... LSD effects were previously removed to avoid duplicating hallucinate, and the changes were never completed Check the shelp.
  • Removed all references to PoS/Sithilus. About time! Only took about 2 years...
  • Morph has been changed. You will now take on NPC cloaks/shields (in name only). If you glance at yourself, you'll still be able to see your REAL cloaks/shields, but your description will be missing.
  • The christmas counter has been fixed. Silly thing uses a hardcoded year
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