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Patch 1.5 [BETA]

StormHunters v1.50 Patch Notes

  • Many, many mortal spells have been eliminated. See [link=]this thread[/link] for the full list.
  • shelps are incoming. Waiting on finalization of these new abilities
  • We are looking for all feedback on spells that have just come in. This includes mana cost, spell effect, duration, damage, etc.
  • Please let us know of all bugs. It's important!
  • Buffs will now be scaling with the level of the victim +20%.
  • The level of an affect will now save when you log off.
  • Active affects will save as strings instead of integers. Translation: no more logging in with 'portal' lasts indefinitely.
    Update: Mar 08/10 General spell handler is in. What does this mean for you?

  • Spell level actually matters for duration, effect and mana cost

  • Prime class affects spell level by 5(+1 if realm ability). Psi: buff/debuff power. Cle: heals. Mag: offensive magic.
  • Racial class proficiencies now affect spell level
  • Racial-level skill proficiency now affects spell level
  • Your mana cost is based off of your spell level without bonuses (that is, your class level only). This means that any additional benefits from race or prime class are purely positive, rather than having associated downsides due to increased cost.
  • Mana cost now scales with your level. Still being tweaked.
  • Qpspend penalty will now remove death penalty. You need to remove the entire stack at once, 4qp per level of penalty

  • Sap will no longer stack duration like crazy

  • Buffs will no longer stack. This was a typo
  • Fixed up some wearoff messages that made no sense.
  • Starting skills are working again, and the mobprogs in newbie school are updated.
    The Beacon from newb school has sanctuary again. This was lost when I updated recently.


    • Mana cost multiplier has been changed from 3 per level to 0.5 per level. This is temporary, but will probably be in for a long time.
    • Mobs get to cheat a bit with mana. Spells cost half for them.... but this applies to your charmies too
    • Dispel magic should be back to regular potency. Might be too strong. Keep me posted, as it'll mess up PK if it's easy to dispel.
    • Qpspend penalty has been added to the qpspend menu.
    • Objfuns will now cast at the right level.
    • Some objfuns have been changed... if I remember right: dispeller, healing, hex. Anything that had spells/skills that were removed.
    • Lorekeeper and Warmaster no longer grant 450+ spelldam/meleedam on proc. It's down to about 150 at max proflevel
    • A bunch of durations were increased. DOT/HOT durations remain unchanged obviously. Probably most noticeable with buffs.
    • Group spells cast by mobs will no longer hit other mobs. This means chain lightning/gusts won't drag your charmies in, risking your xp
  • Update Mar 10/10
    shelps have been added for all new abilities
    shelps for Mag/Cle/Psi have been updated to reflect new levels
    shelps for removed skills have been (appropriately) removed
    moved all the shelps into one file
    made "help recall" work again Tongue
    These will be in next reboot

  • Update: Mar 12 / 2010
    Thief skills have now been revamped.
    Shelps are in place
    New thief abilities cost MOVEMENT.
    Thief bonus changed to +1 combo and +5level to debuff/buff skills.
    Fixed a bug that allowed charmies to cast NPC-only utility spells
    Panacea now does stuff again. Also has a chance to apply purify.
    Circle has been moved to level 1 assassin. Since so much of the mud depends on circle, it obviously can't be removed without significant work at changing Ass/Shd

  • BugFix Mar 13 / 2010
    Inject no longer stacks.
    Exhaust no longer stacks.
    Backstab can now be used in combat.
    Slit now properly affects cast chance.
    Single-letter commands now work properly again (. , : ; etc.)
    If trip consumes the last duration of swiftness, you will now be tripped.
    Fixed a bug that stacked combo tracker bits on the player using combos. Didn't affect much, but was a bit spammy on mstat Tongue
    These will be in next reboot.

  • Update - March 14 /2010
    Warrior skills have now been revamped
    Dispel Magic will now only dispel magic abilities.
    Purify will remove a RANDOM curse debuff
    Purify will remove a RANDOM poison debuff
    All spells/skills should now have types (Skill/Magic/Curse/Poison, Buff/Debuff/Nodispel/etc.)
    Bugfix: swiftness no longer has a risk of crashing us.
    Bugfix: minor bug with dot crashes fixed.
    This should be the last content update for mortal classes. There will still be tweaks for costs and strengths, of course.

  • BugFix March 15 /2010
    Punch can be used in battle.
    Rub can be used.
    help -search (terms) will now work.
    Command list has been updated. Commands (type | all)
    That irritating missing newline from keyring command has been added.
    Antidote bug fixed.
    Let us know of any command prefixes that need to be changed back. This should only really be reported for important commands. We don't really care if you now have to type two extra characters to shadowstrike Tongue Use an alias. Good example: "Sc" now scans instead of "Score"! Bad example: "Shadow" now uses shadowform instead of "Shadowstrike"!

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