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StormHunters v1.51 Patch Notes DISCLAIMER: If the formulas are way too forgiving, chances are we will end up resetting ranks to correspond with a harsher formula. * Features:

  • PK system. Still needs some work to get the basic framework up. Hopefully will be included in this patch. Things like shops, bounties, contracts, guards, etc. will be coming later.
  • New command: Rankings
  • New command: Pkinfo. Shows recent kills (shows attacks to Immortals)
  • New command: flag. For limiteds only. Flag # flags for that many rounds. Flag ON turns it on indefinitely. Flag OFF will turn off indefinite flag, but take 5 minutes to actually disable flagged mode.
  • Limiteds will show as flagged on wholist
    Tons of new PK stuff. Let's see if I can think of them

  • New wanted system. +2 Wanted for illegal attacks, +6 Wanted for illegal kills, +10 wanted for griefing (3+ kills within a short period of time)

  • Illegal attacks include: Anyone attacking a Limited. Any Limiteds attacking anyone with flagging. Attacking people way below your level.
  • You gain RENOWN from killing other players. The amount you gain depends on their renown. You gain ranks through renown... ranks will unlock different products at the store, and give you new titles.
  • You gain GLORY by killing other players. You get much more glory if they are a higher rank than you. Glory is the currency for the PK shop.
  • You will now gain XP from fighting other people. This includes a per-kill XP gain and a per-round XP gain.
  • Per-round XP regenerates over time.
    Bugs, Tweaks and Minor Fixes:

  • Inventory shortcut changed to be allowed while fighting

  • Score added to priority table
  • Stand added to priority table
  • Perform can no longer be used to cast spells for movement
  • Cast can no longer be used to use skills for mana
  • Healer spells should go through the proper handler. (scales down + no stacking).
  • Backstab/garrote can now properly put you into shadowform via lurk.
  • Gathering lagtime decreased by 25%
  • Warning for levels 10-20 about recalling has been fixed.
  • Warning to "train your stats" during creation has been removed.
  • Movement during combat has been reduced by about 25%.
  • Movement loss from terrain before fly has been cut by about 50%.
  • Skill debuffs (trip, disarm, etc.) will now properly put you into combat.
  • Gusts will now initiate combat with all targets.
  • Physical damage records will now actually record the skill name
  • Records have been reset. Autoattack can no longer set records.
  • Typo in "condensed energy" fixed.
  • Typo in Waste Lands buzzard fixed.
  • Hide reduces your autoattack by 100%, attackers by 75%.
  • Hide duration reduces by 2 rounds.
  • Saves checks removed from: torment, drown, gusts, blaze, freeze, sap
  • Bleed damage now bypasses armour
  • Puncture changed: High up-front damage, stacking small bleed DoT.
  • Inject changed: Med. up-front damage, decreasing poison DoT.
  • Disarmed mobs, mobs who have dropped weapons due to poison, heated weapons, etc. will now eventually re-equip them.
  • Other melee skills (war/thi) have had their level scaling increased, DR scaling decreased and CAPPED to maintain consistency with spells. +meleedam is not capped.


  • Minor update:
    Professions will now show numbers for all recipes (including special ones), but not the names
    A bunch of new helpfiles are in for the new stuff.
    Started converting all our save functionality to what I'll dub "secure saving". Keeps write failures from corrupting our pfiles Smile
    Fixing up all the scrolls/potions that relied on skills that are now removed.
    Made a code change that allows me to view the max_loaded per reset, and properly set the value. Reset fixes on the way! Smile

  • Area fix progress thread: DONE Smile Notable changes (other than simply more mobs) Daemons of the Myst
    Fixed a typo for Crimson Death (Crismon Death)
    Reduced the spawn rate within Daemons Crypt below stock rates.
    Haunted Forest
    Fixed a typo "Ghosty Woman"
    Crimson Mist & Crimson Fortress
    Reduced the number of fog dwellers by approximately 33%

  • Minor update (Fri Mar 26 /10):
    Fixed disarmed mobs. Credit to Urtnog
    Secure saving seems to work. There are a few extra checks to make sure that we don't end up with the same problem again. Report if saving goes wonky! Tongue
    Removed a no_mob from Stormy Bay that resulted in a dockworker with 500 keys. Credit: Minos
    Made sure that new players get gathering set to 1 when they log in, rather than just when they properly quit/relog. Credit: Minos
    Buff skills/spells will now have a minimum value, so they still impact people who are way below the ability level.
    Coded the scatter command. Allows an Immortal to scatter X items to areas whose ranges include level Y. Credit: Anarch
    Added the rankings list to our leak checker, so it stops complaining.
    Made it so legend slists properly show up as grey when unpraccable. Credit: Kline
    Added a spelldam comparison to consider. This only looks at equipment spelldam, as checking out level would be fairly pointless (Level only means something IF you have caster classes). Credit: Urtnog
    Fixed a bug where the second tick of boiling blood would crash us if you died from it. Credit: Anarch & Urtnog
    These fixes were included in the reboot today.

  • Update Mar 27/10
    Issues with creating, adding and trading characters should be resolved. Credit: Urtnog
    Punishment and Counterattack should now work again. Credit: Urtnog
    Made IMC go back to using fopen/fclose instead of the new file_open/file_close. It was not a happy camper.
    I decided this was important enough to push forward with a boot.

  • Update Mar 27 / 10
    Added the Keepers of the Peace and Bounty Hunters
    Wanted punishments should now be working.
    Home/recall are now disabled for 21+ points
    Whenever you run into a new guard, the hunters will be brought into the AREA, but not the room.
    Summoning someone with wanted>21 will give you half their wanted rating and spit something out on info
    Wanted levels now have names: Deviant, Criminal, Fugitive, Outcast, Exile
    Trashed some of the old executioner code that had them jump on undead-carrying folks.
    Updated help wanted
    Killing hunters/guards who are pursuing wanted people is now a crime (+4 wanted)
    You don't go to moribund anymore when you die. You go to temple healer.
    Garrote & Backstab misses will no longer take you out of shadowform. Credit: Ameliorate
    Mobs not flagged hunter will not hunt after you if you flee Tongue Not sure when this broke. Probably a long time ago.
    Score will properly display mort levels you haven't gained in yet as 0.

  • Update Apr 2 / 10
    Gertrude level 20 prog has been disabled. The danger flag should now go off if you're under level 20 and trying to enter Midgaard. This provides a much better way of warning newbies while not annoying vets
    Fixed a bug with punishment going off every round. Serves me right for rush-booting.
    Your pfile should now be saved after every fight. This should avoid some of the rollback problems we've seen occasionally.
    Hotreboots will now save the following things: crusades, qinfo, pkinfo, wholist, gathering nodes, objects on ground, mob locations, and current fights. Imms can specify hotreboot [all | nokeys | rareonly] to customize which items are saved (memory purposes, mostly)
    Scrollcases are now no_scav. Thank Rev and Zaphod.
    Scrollcases will be automatically looted if a mob is holding them. Credit: Rikos
    A bunch of the changes from the previous post are only coming in with this reboot, since I got slowed down considerably the past few days. These changes are now live. (Apr 4/10)

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