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StormHunters v1.52 Patch Notes This patch is now live. Figured I'd start a new one to avoid making too long of a list. Documentation mania!

  • Greatly improved the ahelp matching criteria. It should match any part of the string now, full words, spaces, etc. No need to try and guess/look up keywords
  • You can now search area names. ahelp search (keyword). Credit: Anarch
  • Shelps added/modified: agility, condense soul, crippling poison, deadly poison, debilitating poison, mind poison, slowing poison, thinning poison, detect traps, dualwield, divine intervention, swamp lung, ignite, mana absorption, magical aptitude, withering shadow, "shelp"
  • Helps added/modified: whoname, double_legend, gathering, shelp, alert, apply, boat, brandish, contests, hate, help, idle, imc, legend, life_steal, nec, objfuns, pkinfo, recite, refine, reinforce, rename, repops, runes, sor, stitch, sunder, supernaturals, target, teleport, tome, transform, traps, zap
  • Typo fixing: shelp hellspawn, lots in Golem Factory, lots in DLK, "straightjacket" in Gaol, missing periods/dyslexic typos, dragon "flys" instead of "flies" room message, the last remnant of "beserk"
  • Updated the MOTD (talk about outdated Tongue)
  • Added little notes about shelp/ahelp to skills/spells/areas commands. Credit: Anarch
  • You can now tie an email with your account (setemail (email address)). We'll use it for password/account recovery (which may be automated at some point, shrug) and emailing about events/major changes. I haven't decided whether I want to work this into the creation process.
  • Added hotreboot clean for Immortals. This is probably the only way we can successfully add/remove areas with the new hotreboot code.
  • Saved door state and randomized exits to file during a reboot. This will make sure we don't have open doors that are supposed to be closed Credit: Zaphod
  • Exploration tracking! Yay! Many thanks to Davion of Mudbytes, whose snippet provided the base for this code.
  • The mapper will now only display rooms that have been explored.
  • You will now receive experience for your first exploration of each room.
  • You will now receive a large amount of experience for completely exploring an area.
  • You can now receive mquests to fully explore areas around your level.
  • Note: There may still be some 'impossible to complete' areas (unable to reach all rooms). I think I got most of them, but we'll keep an eye out. Report any problems. Problems can be fixed without reboot, and all it will take to remedy your stats will be a relog.
  • Areas command will no longer display the now-pointless keywords for ahelps.
  • Areas command will now show the percentage explored per area. It will also show an overall percentage explored for the world.
  • Ahelp will now display the percentage explored for the area.
  • Roomlist commands for Imms. Shows all rooms + noexplore flags
  • Imm command: verifyexplore -- Allows us to force a re-verification check for a given player.
    Minor Fixes:

  • Changed a few instances of ch->exp+ to gain_exp. Shouldn't matter much, but it'll prevent stockpilers from getting screwed.

  • Removed the mud school models. They pointed to the old mud school anyways.


    • "The Fort" is now "The Royal Fort" because ahelping it was again impossible.
    • Crash from NPC killer checks fixed.

    • Field room changed from " to '. Field "walls" remain dark "s. (This helps with exploration.)

    • Bugfix: Recall rooms will display properly again.
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