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StormHunters v1.53 Patch Notes

  • Ctoggle can now be used on offline clan members.
  • Trusted clan flag will now properly show up in cmember list (might require 1-2 ctoggles)
  • You can now accept offline players FROM YOUR ACCOUNT. We decided it would be a bit intrusive to allow you to accept anyone who was clanless without them being aware.
  • Added explored percentage to where command. Credit: Anarch
  • Added the mapforget command. Allows you to drop the map from an area for whatever reason. Requires the "ok" parameter, and you can only forget maps you've completed. You will not get XP for re-exploring, nor will you get this area for mquests. Credit: urbn (forums)
  • Rooms adjacent to ones you have explored will now be shown with question marks. We'll see how this gets received, and decide if it gets tweaked or removed.

  • Help stance now lists classes/levels

  • Stance zombie magdam reduced, DR increased.
  • Stance defiler changed: Now +2AC, +2DR, -1HR, -1SvS, +2MAG. Used to be: +3AC, -XDR, +XHR, -1SPD (this was an error, it seems), +2SVS. Defiler is basically the more aggressive counterpart to Zombie.
  • Stance deceiver got +1MAG

  • Stopped a bug in do_areas from flooding our logfiles.

  • Added some better integrity checks for exploration mquests. Not sure why this crashed... time will tell.
  • Fixed the overall explored percentage in do_areas. Forgot a x 100
  • Added the XP rewards to verifyexplore and login-explore-check
  • DoT damage will no longer check killer every time. Credit: Ameliorate?
  • Removed the 20% bonus from exploring an area that was higher level than you. It was just way too much.
  • Fixed a small bug with refresh by giving it a default base amount.
  • Fixed an array overflow in area exploration mquests. Hopefully this stops the problems.
  • Made the question marks only show up for current room. Also now works for cross-area.
  • Beacon can no longer be used to "check" rares.
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