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Patch Notes, 1.0!

edited May 15 in Archive

I'm going to start putting patch notes in this forum. If the first number changes, it's a significant change for the game. If the second number changes, it's likely a bug-fix or minor change patch.

Changes: June 14 /08 - July 09 /08

Epic Changes:

  • Deity has a new class bonus. Layhands is (temporarily) removed. The bonus is called 'residual healing', and will trigger off of DIRECT healing spells. There is a 50% proc rate for primes, and a 25% for secondaries. Residual healing will tick for 50% of the initial healing spell over 3 rounds. If a more powerful residual healing occurs, it will replace the current one.
  • Healing criticals have been added. Spell and Healing Crits will now appear in score.
  • XP in groups (over/under 3) has been fixed. The penalty for grouping has been reduced (moreso with group tactics)
  • Professions have been added. I made a ton of helpfiles for them, but I'm sure I missed stuff. Keep in mind that professions are BETA, and are subject to change.

Please report any problems or inconsistences (or imbalances) that you find.

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