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Patch Notes 1.01-1.03

edited May 15 in Archive

Bugfix #1:

  • o All tradegood drop rates increased by 10%.
  • o Scavenge and Lore are now partly restricted by the level of the target.
  • o Transform, Stitch, Reinforce, Refine, Sunder and Recharge have had their level requirements fixed.
  • o High level enemies will now be able to drop high-end ingredients.
  • o Warmaster weapons now have their updated stats, instead of the old ones.
  • o Arcanist lights will now have stats. Bugfix ported on July 11th.

Bugfix #2:

  • o Evermeet mobs now have correct race assignments.
  • o Assassin: energy rush has had its duration reduced to 5 rounds, tripling its effectiveness.
  • o Monk: swift recovery has had its duration reduced to 5 rounds, tripling its effectiveness.
  • o Knight: holy armor now decreases melee damage taken and increases resistance to negative energy. However, it is now a self-only spell.
  • o Craft Info will now display the proper max profession level
  • o Craft Info will now show your current ProfXP and the point at which you level.
  • o Drop chance reduction will now only begin occurring when you are significantly higher level.
  • o Sunder - formula limitation changed. Must be within 15 prof levels of item. o Three mob types have had their item drops changed. Lore reflects this.
  • o Wings will now drop more commonly, and cloth will drop less commonly.
  • o There is now a tradegood satchel. See for information. Let me know of any problems and/or suggestions you may have.

Bugfix #3:

  • o ProfXP formulas have been changed. Rule of thumb -- all things equal, you'll need 3.5 crafts to get a level. o Items will scale for TEN levels, but will then cease to scale, making them less and less viable as xping crafts.
  • o Craft store -> takes ALL generic ingredients and tosses them in your satchel.
  • o Craft store all -> fixed. Will no longer take the wrong items from your inventory.
  • o Scavenge items will now go directly into your satchel WITH the right number of messages.
  • o Sunder will now have properly formatted messages.
  • o Sunder's "efficient" success will now be 100% of ALL ingredients o Sunder's complete failure will now be 0% of ALL ingredients
  • o Satchel contents will now be shown when you look at a recipe.
  • o Long helpfiles will no longer crash the mud.
  • o Owhere should no longer crash the mud if too many items match.
  • o Something else did the same thing, and that's been fixed.

Bugfix ported: July 19/08

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