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Patch Notes 1.1

StormHunters v1.1 Patch ported on July 24, 2008 General Changes: o Hunger has been removed. o Autogold, Autosplit and Autoexit can no longer be toggled (always on). o Autosac has been removed completely, along with the sacrificing of corpses. o Oscore has been removed. o Whois: planergetic Oddy border bug has been fixed. o Whois: profession and proflevel have been added. -> Credit: Optinuix o Slist changes: cyan -> praccable, magenta -> fully practiced red -> partially practiced, grey -> unpracticable. o Practice: now shows all the abilities that you can currently practice (cyan + red) o Records: Formatting changed, and some elements have been added/removed. o NPC corpse decay timer has been decreased. o Score: Condensed a little. Moved some elements to records, and removed others. o New Qpspend: rskill/cskill-- costs quest points, based on your level. o Where -> no longer shows the room that other players are in. o Efficient metabolism has been removed. Let an Immortal know if you took this ability (For some reason) o There is no longer a gold reward for sacrificing objects. o New command: bury. Attempts to dispose of an NPC corpse. Takes different amounts of time depending on the terrain. Death Changes: o All players will drop corpses where they die. o All items will remain on you when you die. o All heated armor will cool on death. Profession changes: o Scavenge will no longer destroy corpses. o TO_ROOM messages added to all profession commands. o variable stats on crafted items has been disabled o Demons will not drop trash items as often. o All professions should now be using second tier ingredients by around level 50. o Fixed a bug that prevented crafting of items requiring non-generic tradegoods o Mquest tradegood rewards now have a 50% chance to be relevant to your profession. Combat Changes: o CombatTimer... -> Credit: Crystalis - cannot recall until combat effects expire - reduced regen, word of recall chance - regen out-of-combat will now be percentage-based. - Rest/sleep to gain the maximal amounts of regen. o Fleeing through snare will now always result in a stun. o Flee XP costs have been drastically reduced, and are no longer percentage based. o Fleeing will always lag you, regardless of success. o Stun mechanic has been changed. The first stun will have 100% effect, second stun will have a 50% effect unless the victim has been stun-free for a few rounds. If a 50% effect stun is successful, the victim will be immune to stuns for ten rounds. o All poison affects reduced to a max of 20 rounds o All blindness affects reduced to a max of 20 rounds General Bugfixes: o Item update will now update item levels as well. o You will no longer become exhausted when carrying your max weight (only when you surpass it) o Score proflevel bug has been fixed ( Credit: Khyron o Bug with sweep has been fixed -> Credit: Optinuix o Manifest will no longer give you negative moves. o Fixed all chaos weapons and bad weapon types. If you see more, let me know. o Newline added to psychic shield -> Credit: Kline Upcoming projects: Ghost mode, loot tables, player accounts, magic/ranged weapon revamp and skill review. Quickfix: o Whois and score alignments fixed. Again. o Tradegood drops re-enabled. o Food has been fully removed. You should receive the "pill" message once, if that. o "." will now be a mud-alias for gossip.

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