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Patch Notes 1.12

StormHunters Patch 1.12 Uploaded on August 8th, 2008 Combat
Mobs will use specfuns, like summoning and biting, less often. Credit: Heelz
Mob skill/spell handler now has a chance to do NOTHING. Should stop all of them from casting/charging simultaneously.
Scan/scout usable in combat
No XP loss for a failed flee. Flee XP Cost has been reduced.
Phobia will no longer cause you to lose xp. Credit: Aleutyn
Killing all enemies fighting you will now set your combatTimer to 0.
Recall is now lagged. Has a 25% chance of success while in NPC combat. Has double the xp loss of a flee. Word of recall has a higher chance of success.
Misc. Changes
Mquests will now ALWAYS show the area, no hint cost.
You can now use the "craft" command while in combat.
No more pill/potion spam, hopefully.
Records have been reset.
Records will now track the heal/magic/physical skill/spell.
No more negative movement.
Sacrifice now displays a message to the player.
Rare reinforcements/stitching should now be usable.
The mprog bug in Hydra should (hopefully) be fixed.
Lorekeeper high-end recipes have been changed to match those of the other professions.
Accounts are almost done, post up any last minute contributions in the Ideas forum. I think the next project will end up being a combination of object changes and newbie-friendliness.

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